Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a trial post

hey! here goes, our adventure teaching English begins. i hope in this blog we can keep everyone updated on our year in Thailand. thanks to my wonderful friend Amanda this blog has a super cool name rather than something generic like "my year in Thailand". if you say it out loud it begins to make sense...
so, its the night before and of course jeff and i are up and packing till all hours of the night. its kinda weird packing your life up in two bags. it really makes you think about what your really gonna need for the next year.
tomorrow we are off to the airport for a day and a half of travel. really not looking forward to that part!
well here's to hoping we can actually keep this up to date.


  1. oh you two crazy kids. have a great time and if you don't keep this up to date i will be PERSONALLY offended.

    LOVE YOU BOTH!!! xo

  2. Hey kiddos, it has been 6 days. time to let us know you are ok.

  3. Seconded. get on this blog!

  4. I have to agree, let's see an update cause we miss ya :-)

  5. SIAM TEACHING ENGLISH!!! You guys rock! I can't believe you're over there actually living what you've been talking about for so long! Hopefully I won't be far behind-- finally got all of my medical stuff done!