Wednesday, November 10, 2010

dogs and days off

When I get home and get a good real job the first thing I’m going to do is give a big check to the SPCA and the Human Society. There are sooooooo many stray dogs in Thailand. Many of them are so pathetic looking and are just hanging on to life. Its so sad. They are super thin and mangy looking with a ton of scars all over their bodies. You feel so bad for them but at the same time you just want them to go away. At night the dogs come out in full force. You can hear them every night fighting out side our apartment. It is so loud and brutal.  If you go out walking at night you have to be carful of where you walk. If you walk in an area where dogs out number humans you need to carry a big stick and a rock. The boys who live in the apartment below us were telling us about a teacher last term who was bit in the leg pretty bad by a dog. Apparently it was no big deal to the Thai teachers, I guess it happens a lot. So crazy. This also makes me appreciate Bob Barker a lot more! Have you spayed or neutered your animal yet? That is one thing this country could use big time! Every animal here is not only a stray but is defiantly not spayed or neutered. Surprisingly I have not seen a big stray cat problem.  I’m afraid to ask if its because of all the stray dogs…
So yeah, a big check to the SPCA and the Human Society when I get home. You don’t realize how much they do till you go to a place where there is no organization like that. Or how much an organization like is needed, not just for the animals wellbeing, but for everyone in society as well.

Thai schools are so weird. There are little things in American schools you take for granted. Not only how nice they are, but how organized they are. Remember back in high school when you would be late for class because of something related to school? You would walk in late and say I was doing such and such with so and so teacher. Your teacher would say oh yeah I got the memo about that, with all the names of the students who were doing it. Here there is not such system. I had a few students walk in to class 30 min late and they said they said they were playing an instrument (band).  I just have to take their word for it, I didn’t even know there WAS a band here. It never meets at the same time and you don’t have a list of students who are in it so they could be lying. You’ll never know here. Another thing is cancelations. We ended school early last Friday but we had no idea that we did until half way through the day, when someone finally decided to let us know. And again this week, no school Friday but we didn’t find out until today! I mean I’m not complaining about not having to work but it would be nice to know these things. It makes planning lessons kinda hard when you don’t even know when your meeting or not!

Ok I think that’s it for my two little rants. No school Friday, so I think we are gonna go up to Lopburi, in central Thailand to play with the monkeys!


  1. Wow. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to go hug Gina. And, Charlie the cat!

  2. Jeff, The organization you want to help is the humane society, not the human society. Although the human society in Thailand (and around the world for that matter) also need's help. Do what you can, that's why you signed up, to make a difference. It may be for more than you realized or understood..Love you two, take care of each other..Aunt Lynn

  3. haha opps that was me (francesca) not jeff with the human society! i like the Humane Society!

  4. I will worry about you getting bit by a rabid dog! You did have a rabies shot right? And PLAY WITH THE MONKEYS!!?? Great!...let's hope their massages are a little gentler than the elephant's were!! Have fun! Love you both...and please don't piss off the monkeys!!

  5. Oooo, monkeys!!! Take lots of pictures! & Keep posting! It's really nice to hear what you guys are up to! Stay safe! I think I should look into this human society... ;-D