Sunday, September 4, 2011

The end.

Wow this is our last night in Hua Hin, tomorrow night we take a taxie at midnight to the airport for our 5am flight home! This year has been full of ups and downs. Some days I can't believe how fast the time has flow by, other days it feels like we have been here for years, not months! The last week or so has been pretty crazy, getting our classes ready for us to leave, getting the new teachers up to date on where and what we are teaching the students, running around finishing things up, packing and cleaning! It's 1:50am Monday morning and we are FINALY finished! Had to race off to a friends house at midnight to borrow their scale, and thank god we did! We had to do some last minute reorganization so as not to be over weight! (we came with a ton of stuff, we are leaving a ton in Thailand, and are coming home with a whole NEW ton!) 

I am very excited to be coming home. Been missing my friends, family, and even just missing America. I will however miss some things here. The $5 massages are gonna be a hard things to let go, not to mention year round summer! Most of all though I am going to miss the kids I have taught. The first graders I taught really made everything worth it. They were such an amazing group of kids! So cute and so eager to learn.  Jeff and I have some students we have been tutoring on weekends and their family is one we are going to be very sad to leave. They have helped us SO much! They are doctors and when Jeff had Pneumonia they made sure to help him and fix him! They have three kids, the two older boys are the one we have been tutoring (their third is a little 3 year old girl named Mimi, to young for private lessons) the boys are 6 and 7 years old. such good kids, so much fun to teach! Today they wanted to say thank you (we are the ones who should be saying thank you to them! which mothers, we DID, a TON!) so they took us to Cha Am (the next town over) for a sea food feast! It was amazing! We had grilled prawn things (not prawns but a cousin of them), a huge fried fish, grilled clams, two HUGE plates of steamed prawns, some fried rice, and two plates of boiled crabs! The crab plates each held around 7 crabs! I don't think I have been this full in a long time. I thought about taking pictures of the food but it was just to good to stop and take pictures!  

Tomorrow night is our going away dinner with our friends here in town, and we are going to spend our last day chilling on the beach! The perfect way to end our year in Thailand. :) 

We will be seeing you all soon! Can't wait! 

Here are some pictures from our dinner:

Dr. Vichai, and Dr. Surida

Me and Chaleaf dancing in the road.

Us and the boys



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