Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Motorbike Fsho

Okay, so it's time to freak out the worry worts (you know who you are)... drum roll please... we got a motorbike! And it's freaking sweet.

Not really much to say other than it's awesome, it's only 3 months old, it's pretty, it's fast-ish (all 110 cc's of it.. :/ Francesca made me get the smaller engine) and it's red and grey, and it's a Honda. We motorbiked to work this morning, which was awesome cause we got there in like 5 minutes instead of 12 - a new level of laziness.
It was 30,000 baht - which is a lot for us, but if you think about that in USD, it's still ridiculous how cheap it is for a brand new motorbike - but we only paid 5,000 to start, and we are leasing for 1600 baht a month. We would eventually own it if we wanted, but the shop owner knows we are leaving the country in 10 months, and he said we could sell it back to them. So we are renting, sort of... but we get a really nice bike for less than it's worth, plus we get to sell it back for near the same price at the end of our 10 months, so it is a good way for us to save a chunk of money for right until the end of our time.
And by the way, our Thai coordinators at school helped us do all this - probably couldn't have communicated all this to the shop without them.

But now we can explore our region more, give us freedom and cheaper ways of travel. And new ways to entertain ourselves if we get bored. We can go visit friends in other cities. Needless to say we are very excited. Don't worry though, I am safe, and there are tons of motorbikes in Thailand; cheapest, easiest way to get around.

And PS I'll post some photos of it... maybe.

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  1. Maybe!? You are using the distance as cover while you tease us. You will produce pictures or.... Pictures, please.