Monday, December 27, 2010

A season of friends

The holidays for most people mean getting together with family. This was my fifth (i think, correct me if im wrong mom) Christmas holiday spent away from my family. I know some people will say but your Jewish! Thats true, but I did grow up spending this time with family, and in America even for a Jew this season makes you want to spend time with family.  I'm not sure if we have spent Thanksgiving together in a while either... dont get me wrong, we still get together and celebrate but we do it on our own time, Christmas in January! I almost think I like that more, we pick the day when we get together.
It can be hard though when everyone around you is getting together with family. I have been extremely lucky to have an amazing friends who always take me in and let me join their families for the day.
This year was actually easier than being in the states and away from my family. In America you cant forget Christmas is coming. In fact it seems to come earlier every year! Back home we are surrounded by people getting ready for the holidays. I like this time of year back home, its fun and festive, and I like trying to find the perfect gifts for people. But when you are surrounded by Christmas you cant forget its Christmas. Since Thailand is a Buddhist country your not reminded at every turn its Christmas. It just feels like a normal un-festive time of the year and, for me at least, that makes it much easier not to be around family because it just doesn't feel like the right time of year.
I forget how important this time of year is to people and how much they want to be with family. I felt like a fly on the wall watching my friends experience their first Christmas away from home. I know it was a hard day for them but for me it was a great day. I spent Christmas eve with Jeff and our friend Ashley, we went to Sizzler for Christmas eve dinner, splurged on steak and a bottle of wine and then walked around an open air market. Christmas day was spent in a tiny beach town, where we met up with a few more friends. We found a local 'farang' bar where there was Christmas lights and Christmas music playing. Ashley brought her computer and we all took turns skyping home to spend Christmas with our families. For me it was perfect, good food, good drink, and good friends. I love my family but we are always going come back together, for me i dont need a day to tell me to do that. Family is family, but friends are the family you choose.
I know there are going to be many more Christmas seasons I will not spend with my family, but for me this season has kinda become a season of friends, and I sure do have amazing friends!

These pictures are what we found of Christmas in Thailand. 

A condom Santa at this awesome restaurant in Bangkok.
Everything was condom and safe sex themed. Majority of the
proceeds from there go to raising safe sex awareness around 
the country. The food was really good too!

There was this huge Christmas display outside of a mall in
Chonburi. These little girls were dancing around on this huge 
fake keyboard.  

Again in Chonburi. Merry Christmas!  

Christmas eve dinner. It was super good! Its so hard to find
good American food over here.

Merry Christmas! Me and Ashley messing around Christmas 

Christmas on the beach.

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