Thursday, March 24, 2011


ok, so it has been a while since i have posted anything and a lot has changed. im sure most of you know already some of it but ill try and tell it all!
so we have moved to a new town in Thailand and have gotten new jobs teaching elementary school kids. we have moved to Hua Hin which is a small beach town on the skinny part of the Thai peninsula. it a smaller tourist town, that has only recently become a holiday destination so it still has a lot of real Thailand.
well when we left shit hit the fan with our old school. they were not happy. thats putting it mildly. we gave three months notice (our contract called for just one) and they freaked out a bit. they kept saying "you cant do this", "what are we supposed to do? how do we get someone to take over?" " you are causing problems"and a whole shit load more... now we felt horrible about breaking contract but in the end we needed to to what is best for us. i dont know about Jeff but i was feeling real home sick in Chachoengsao, it was a larger city with all of the big town problems but none of the benefits of living in one. the town shut down about 8pm, we would go to work come home sit on the computer for a few hours go get some food, sit on the computer again some, go to bed and repeat this over and over and over again. we really had no life, we were just existing and that was making me home sick. now that we have moved i honestly feel about 100 times better! i realized i wasn't as much home sick as i was missing having a life and friends. before we even moved here we had a good group of friends in Hua Hin and it just keep expanding and getting better! plus living on the beach doesn't hurt!
well we left Chachoengsao on the first of the month and signed our contract with the new school the next day. we didnt have a place to live when we got here but our friends put us up while we went looking, what they call apts here is very different than back home! apts are more like a single dorm with with a private bath, no kitchen living room or anything like that. kinda discouraging... but we managed to find a cheap little place to tide us over until we could find something better. which it looks like we have! there is this great little apt building we will be moving in to next month that is still a studio, but it has a small kitchen a nice western style bathroom and a HUGE main room. it also has a great balcony that over looks the mountains surrounding Hua Hin and we can watch the sun set over them its really pretty. so things are slowly coming together.
we recently made a visa run to Laos to get a new non-b visa so our school can get us a new work permit. our old school was a bunch of bastards and screwed us on the whole transfer of visa and work permit thing, for about a week we weren't sure if we were in the country legally or not! (we were) the trip up to Laos was super quick and tiering but Laos was really pleasant. its funny it kinda reminded me of going to Vancouver BC, i mean you know when your there your in a different country but there are a lot of similarities but its cleaner and the people are nicer and your money goes farther! thats what Laos felt like, Thailand's Canada. well we got our visa made it home and our new school is in the process of getting us new work permits.
lets see last week and this week i was teaching a summer camp for pre-schoolers and kindergarden age kids. oh my god was that difficult! i mean that age is hard no matter what but its even harder when you dont know why the kid is crying and they tell you but they tell you in THAI! it was a very interesting experience... but im glad its over!! next week our school has a summer camp for the month of April for the elementary kids who are becoming middle/high school students. kind of a "hey look your not babies anymore" camp. it should be interesting, im kind of excited to actually start doing something with our new school.
we are gonna be taking a week off on the 4th of April to head down to Ko Phi Phi and island off the west coast of Thailand. its supposed to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. if anyone has seen The Beach, with Leo thats where that movie was filmed. so im a bit excited for that! my friends from the States are going to be coming to visit then so we thought we take them somewhere awesome!

The sky was amazing that day! 

Our Beach

Sunset from our bathroom/balcony over the mountains that surround Hua Hin. 

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