Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Ok so those of you who know me know that food is important to me. I love to eat. A lot. However Thai food is not and never was one of my favorite foods, in fact it was one of my least favorite foods. This shocks most people (Americans) over here.  It's to sweet and too spicy all at the same time. I need salt and lots of it and they really dont use it. I am really missing the natural flavors of food as well. Everything here has a Thai spice to it. All I want is my chicken to taste like chicken, my veggies to have salt and pepper on them and to not be wilted or stewed. Is that to much to ask for? What I would give for a salad, one with a great vinaigrette dressing. Even at the western restaurants thats hard to find.
Well now that I am here, living in Thailand, I have come to like the food a lot more. HOWEVER, I am still going NUTS! I really like variety in my food. Its very had to find good Western food over here, and when you do its really expensive and half the time not quite right.
This I'm finding to be my hardest thing to over come here. I am missing food. It really gets me down and makes me think of coming home when im hungry and can not find anything thats satisfying. We are trying to save money and the cheap thing to do would be to eat Thai food. However I find that with Thai food im hungry again in an hour and then have to spend more money on more food. We do not have a kitchen so I can not cook my own food, and even if I wanted to cook buying food is just as expensive as going out to eat. ugh.
It really is amazing the little things that make you miss home the most. Dont get me wrong I miss my friends and family tons, but I can talk to you guys and that makes me miss you all less. I can not talk to a cheeseburger. Looking at pictures only makes it worse. Its just one of those things that makes me miss home and want to come home. I get over it, and remember that this is a great experience and all that, but I sure do miss food...


  1. Yea...I understand. It would kinda suck to not be able to just eat what you crave..however, on the flip side, if that is the worse thing you are experiencing over there in paradise, you're pretty lucky! And I'm sitting here missing you guys like you are missing salad!!

  2. had some salad last night! super happy :)